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Custom Painted Whiskey Bottle

Custom Painted Whiskey Bottle

PriceFrom $195.00

FedEx Shipping: $30 per bottle
Free Local Pickup Options:  Iris Gifts & Decor (Memorial Area)  |  Tumbleweeds & Notions (The Woodlands)   |  Pickup from me in Kingwood, TX 


Standard turnaround time is currently up to 4 weeks.
If you need it done in less than 4 weeks, please select "Expedited Service".

• STANDARD designs involve 2 main images/subjects. Usually, it's an image on the front & something on the back. (ie. House on the front/address on the back, couple portrait on the front/name & dates on the back, etc.)

• COMPLEX designs incorporate 3-4 or more images/subjects. (ie. A birthday themed bottle that incorporates a logo, a jersey, a birthday cake & balloons OR a college themed bottle with a football field, the school logo or mascot and a campus landmark)

• EXTRA COMPLEX designs incorporate 5+ or more images/subjects.

If you are unsure which category your order will fall into, just shoot me a message!

If you choose "Provide my own bottle", please DM @thewatercolormanuel on Instagram or email so we can make arrangements. If you aren't located in Kingwood, the easiest thing to do is order your bottle of choice from the Specs near me. Please email me first if you want to go with this option!

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